There are diffrent modes of acupressure therapy. We shall discuss the role of two major systems in the treatment of menopausal problems. they are (1) Su Jok Therapy and (2) Reflexology : (a) Hand Reflexology,(b) Foot Reflexology.


Acupressure therapy is a very simple, drug less therapy which can show quick result. It is so simple that any one who is prepared to work diligently can learn acupressure techniques from knowledgeable person do this procedure.


Fig. 2 Show the organs of reproduction – the uterus, the fallopian tubes and the ovaries are represented at the base of the index and middle fingers, on the palm side.To treat these organs, pressure is applied on this area.The endocrine glands have a major role to play during menopause.Their representation on the hand is depicted in Fig. 2.


Reflexology :

In this method 38 different points have been identified on the palm and the sole. Each point represents certain organs. Fig. 5 to 11 show these point


Yogasana are not exercises as we understand by the word exercise. Asanas are psychophysical not only physiacal. Although they are practiced by the body and effect on the mind is also felt.



(Its Importance in Male & Female menopause)

Yog Vidhya pranic healing is the science and Art of no touch no drug therapy, healing by “PRANA”. “PRANA” is a Sanskrit word for Life force or Vital energy This energy is in abundant supply from the Air, The Sun & The Earth. Our ancients Scholars, Saints, Rushes , Moonies knew that this life giving energy is preset everywhere and were using for healing.

“PRANIC” is derived from PRAN.


PRANIC HEALING is a form of healing that uses PRAN.


GRAND MASYER CHOA – KOK – SUI, though a chemical engineer , is the modern founder and world’s for most proponent of Pranic Healing.


Energy body – AURA – Surrounding and interpenitrating the physical body of any living being is an energy body or Aura .


This energy body absorbs PRANA and distributes it though out the  physical body.

Thus the energy body and physical body are closely enter linked. What affects the energy body also affects the physical body.


Any disease thus thirst manifests itself in the energy body before it materialize on the physical body.


In the energy body AURA there are several whirling energy centres about 3 to 4 inches in diameter called “CHAKRAS”. They control & energize all organs of visible physical body : supply vital energy to all organs and exale usedup energy.

When any of this CHAKRA malfunctions, the corresponding organ becomes weak, becomes sick or diseased.


Pranic healing is based on following principles.

(1) Law of life force- Vital energy (i.e. Prana)
(2) Law of self recovery.
(3) Law of conductivity.

Pranic healing: The healing involves

(1) SCANNING : By activating hand minor chakras and fingertips minichakras- one can feel energy body – Aura , Chakras – their – size, shape, depletion, congestion etc.

(2) CLEANSING : Cleansing is the process of removing diseased energy from affected part – Aura- chakras. There by circulatuion of life force (Prana) is enhanced & the rate of healing is increased.

(3) ENERGIGING: Energiging is the process of receiving life force or vital energy or prana either from air, sun or earth, by one hand from surrounding and directing this energy by other hand to the energy body-chakras and thereby affected organs.

* Pranic healing is no touch no drug technique. The healing is applied on patient’s energybody or aura. There is no physical contact between healer & patient. This no touch methodology is painless, non-invassive & independent of any machines or drugs.

* Pranic healing is Complementary: Pranic healing does not conflict with conventional medical treatments, rather compliments other modalities. However there are many instances where application of pranic healing alone has been sufficient to alleviate the ailment.

* Availability of Pranic Healing: Since prana is an abundant supply everywhere around us, hence pranic healing can be applied at Any time-Anywhere.

* Pranic healing is a powerful scientific method which can heal a wide range of physical and psychological aliments.

* Minor physical aliments: Like Fever; Cold; Cough; Toothache; Body ache; Headache; Stomach disorders; Nose bleeding; Menstrual problems; feeling hot flushes; mental and physical fatigue etc.

* Major physical aliments: Like Vertigo; Heart aliments; Asthma; Rheumatism; Arthritis; Kidney stone; Cyst; Osteoporosis; Cancer etc.

* Psychological ailments: Like Stress; Irritability; Grief; Anger; Phobia; Worry; Hysteria; Obsessive- Compulsive disorders; depression; mood elevation.

Other Benefits:


(1) Besides alivating most common ailments, pranic healing can also help to increase Vitality: Strengthen immune system; Calm emotions and improve one’s well being. It can play a Key-role in enhancing happiness.
(2) Prayer – blessings.
(3) Forgive- Forget, have love & kindness.
(4) Physical Exercise.

(5) Breathing Technique
(6) Meditation on Twin Hearts
(7) Pillars of life: Non-Lying; Non-injurious; Moderation; Generosity etc.