Andropause in Detail

Andropause refers to a set of gradual physical and psychological changes that men generally go through beginning in middle age. Andropause is equivalent to the menopause that women over 5 suffer from. yet in some ways it is quite different from the female menopause.

Common age of onset of symptoms of Andropause is 60 to 65 years but as early as 45 years have been reported in literature.


In 1944 two American doctors, Carl Iteller and Gordon Myers in one of their article reported, what we now describe as the male menopause. Unfortunately, men were unwilling to accept that they could also attain ‘menopause”.

Andropause is caused by lower lovels of tesosterone. After age of 30, testosterone levels drop by about 10 percent every decade. Rapid deterioration starts after the age of 50. Men may experience Andropause Symptoms after around 25%. Drop of his Testosterone level.