How to take and assess Blood Pressure in Practical Way

 We all know that stress in the daily life is increasing day by day. People do not have time to do Exercises, Yog, and meditation etc. regularly; moreover fast-food has replaced our traditional diet like vegetables, fruits and grains. All these plus reduction in ‘Estrogen’ level in blood have resulted raised blood pressure known as Hypertension.

Factors affecting Blood Pressure (BP):

(1) Decrease in Estrogen level (because of menopause) gives you high BP.

(2) Obesity and sedentary life.

(3) Family History: If you have family history of BP one should be more careful.


Effects of high blood pressure on body :

Heart attack, Stroke, Paralysis, Hemorrhage in brain and convulsion. These are the worst effect. So please don’t ignore your blood pressure.

BP patient should regularly check his urine, blood creatinin, urea etc. (kidney profile) and lipid profile.

Treatment :

Ladies, if you do regular exercise, yoga, meditation, reiki and change of lifestyle from premenopause period, it will decrease your chances of getting high BP, also you should have nutritional diet and regular medical checkup too.


It is said that women get heart problems more during menopause and post menopause periods due to reduction in ‘Estrogen’ level in blood. Between the age 35-40 (before menopause) the number of males suffering from heart problem is six times more than female. This is due to normal Estrogen level in blood, Estrogen help to prevent blocks in arteries and therefore, female get less heart attacks (and BP problems) than male before menopause.

Between 55 to 70 years of age the ratio of heart attack is more or less same in both male and female.

Main Symptoms :

Chest pain, breathlessness, perspiration, vertigo and headaches are common symptoms of attack but during menopause same symptoms also occurs. Ones family thinks these symptoms are because of heart problem. At this time once should consult cardiologist and he may ask for few investigations. It is possible that these are the symptoms of menopause and ones are unnecessarily worrying (about heart problems) as if ones are a heart patient.

Investigations :

Physicians/Cardiologists advice for cholesterol and lipid profile like – HDL, LDL and triglycerides. During menopause period good cholesterol (HDL) decrease, bad cholesterol (LDL) increase and triglycerides (Fat) also increase in blood stream.

If Blood clot blocks main artery, chances of heart attack increases.

Before menopause female has less chances of heart attack than male. After menopause male and female both have equal chances of heart attacks.