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Menopause is an important time in woman’s life. Her body is going through changes that can affect her social life, her feeling about herself and her functioning at work. Menopause is a natural occurrence in the 5Th decade of life and is not a disease.
The life span of a female has increased from about in the 50’s in 19th century to about 80 years in the 21st century. This increase in life span has made understanding of Menopause even more important as an average female will live for about 3 decades of her life post menopause.

Osteoporosis related to Menopause is becoming an endemic, increasing both the social and economic burden to the society, hence the knowledge of treatment and prevention of osteoporosis from young age would be useful to the society.

Men – Oppose / Me – no pause

At about 50 years of age, the ovary stop producing the hormones Oestrogen & Progesteron in females resulting in ceasation of menstruatio. When menstruation stops for one year or more, then woman is consider in menopause. The age of natural menopause varies from woman to woman. For an Indian woman it is around 45 years, while in the western countries its around 51 years.

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