Question Answer Section

It is very difficult for many women to decide whether she is reaching menopause or she has some gynec problem.
Please answer the following Questions before coming to any conclusion :

(1). Whether your menstrual cycle has become irregular? Yes / No.

(2). Do you get vaginal or urinary tract infection frequently? Yes / No.

(3). Do you feel sudden hot flashes or red spot on skin followed by perspiration or feeling of cold? Yes / No.

(4). Palpitation or pain in chest? Yes / No.

(5). Do you get sudden headache? Yes / No.

(6). Do you suffer pain during sex or unwillingness for sex? Yes / No.

(7). Do you have less control over urination? Yes / No.

(8). Do you get depression, tension or anger in small matters without any reasons? Yes / No.

(9). Do you forget things frequently? Yes / No.

(10). Do you have pain and aches in bones / joints? Yes / No.

(11). Do you suffer from fatigue, headache, increase in weight? Yes / No.

(12). Do you feel like crying? Yes / No.

(13). Do you feel or think like committing suicide? Yes / No.

If your answer is ‘YES’ even in 5 out of 13 questions given above , it means that you are approaching towards menopause. You need to consult ‘Menopause Specialist’ or Gynecologist. She will give you important Suggestions and is necessary treat you so that your life during menopause becomes comfortable. According to my experience, the problems related to menopause starts as early as 38 – 40 years of age, if proper guidance are provided to the couple (husband – wife) at this stage, this will bring harmony in their life.